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Winter Warmer

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1 Winter Warmer on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:11 am

WINTER WARMER by Paul Kennelly 3rd Feb 2010

It’s easy stealing matches , they never miss a few

some newspaper, a bit of coal and kindling wood will do

an old dried milk container, made from printed tin

some air holes punched into the side, to let the fresh air in

then we need a handle, made from some old wire

long enough to keep your hands, safe from all the fire

now we start to fill it, screwed up paper first

then, some fire lighter, bought with money from mum’s purse

some sticks on top as fuel, to get it roaring hot

then put in the nutty slack and all the coal you’ve got

then we strike a match with care and shield it with our hand

then post it deep within the thatch and light our fiery brand

a gentle swing from side to side shall keep it burning bright

then 360 overhead can make a pretty sight

we have our winter warmer, our friend on frosty days

and carry it were ‘ere we go, as part of daily play

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