Hier könnt Ihr eure eigenen Liedtexte veröffentlichen. Bitte denkt dran selbige Jugendfrei zu halten. Bitte bedenkt ebenfalls, dass eure Texte theoretisch jederzeit von jedem kopiert/geklaut werden können,

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CAD---BAR---REE by Paul kennelly 15th February 2009


I wish I had a chocolate bar, made with beans from afar
and if it happened , I had two I’d give you one and a chocbar too

imagine as you slide it in, that special feeling brings a grin
at first it’s kind of thick and hard , then it gets runny like hot lard


it’s such a treat to give a pal, especially if that pal’s a gal
yet I am more than pleased to share , with another boy ‘cos I don’t care


once it’s out and in your hand, it’s almost like a magic wand
your mouth is moist , your grip is tight , and now it’s time to take a bite


then all too soon, you’ve took the lot, and your so pleased with what you got
you lick your fingers and your thumb, and then this little tune you hum


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