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MIND SLIP ( I think )

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Mind Slip ( I think ) by Paul Kennelly July 2009

My mind is playing tricks with me, it happens every day
I went upstairs to do something, but what, I cannot say

I guess it’s all to do with age , putting car keys down
then wondering just where they are, that’s when I start to frown


Forgetfulness, can’t concentrate
forget what I’m about
the losing of the marbles
my mind’s a blank I shout

Put the ice cream in the oven, set at gas mark five
leave the saucepan gently melting, ‘tis a wonder I’m alive


Throw the shopping in the dustbin, to the fridge the empties go
got something special for my dinner, but don’t ask me, I don’t know


I won’t forget old whatisname, he’s my bestist friend
oh, what a jolly little game, it drives me round the bend

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