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Mad Mister Mayhew

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1Mad   Mister   Mayhew Empty Mad Mister Mayhew on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:13 am

Mad Mister Mayhew by Paul Kennelly 15 / 03 / 10

He’s idiot, he’s witless , he’s well mad in the head
he spends each Sunday morning, sticking thumbtacks in his head
he’s oh so very barmy, a lunatic to boot
he’s absolutely bonkers and he wears an orange suit


dear old Mister Mayhew, he wouldn’t hurt a fly
he’s got bacon in his underpants and jam upon his tie
they really need to lock him up, although we’d miss him so
he’s out his tree, it’s plain to see, it’s time for him to go

he likes to press wild flowers , right up inside his nose
he’s certainly a madman and he often sucks his toes
he loves to swallow spiders and “paper hang” the cat
he’s definitely round the bend and thinks he is a bat

unhinged and daft, not with us, a crazy sort of bloke
who eats armchairs for breakfast and feeds the parrot coke
he pinches people’s laundry and wears it in the street
a floral dress, an old cloth cap and high heels on his feet

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