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Long Haul Blues

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1Long  Haul   Blues Empty Long Haul Blues on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:12 am

LONG HAUL BLUES by Paul Kennelly 6th June 2009

Well, I flew to Minnesota, on that big jet plane
across the old Atlantic, it really was a pain
tho’ I swore I’d never travel, Long Haul again

Oh the folks there, they all know me, from their army days
in Deutschland with the Yankees, that’s how I made my pay
serving Uncle Sam, in my own special way

so , I go to Minnesota, just to sing my blues
I get hot an’ I get tired, but I can’t refuse
to party with my old friends, cos’ that’s what we do

well , I’m flyin’ on the Red Eye , and I really cannot sleep
with plastic food on offer, it makes me wanna weep
the trollie dollie asks me, “ do ya wanna travel rug ? “
for heavens sakes, I’m shakin’, an I give ma girl a hug
an’ I swore I’d never travel, Long Haul again

“Hi there Mr Modie” all my old pals say
“ Mr Modie are ya playin’, your guitar today ?”
“ the barbeque is fired up, an everything’s O.K. “

Oh, Rock Island Line, you bring me down
It’s “ play ya Harp Modie “ all over town
just strummin’ ma twelve string, like a back yard hound

well , I’m sittin’ in the big bird, with a movie in my face
I’m takin’ medication, an feelin’ outa place
the trollie dollie asks me “ do ya wanna glass of wine ?”
for heaven sakes I’m shakin’, water will be fine
an I’m sure I’ll never travel, Long Haul again

Yes, It’s thanks to Minnesota, to David and to Steve
it’s been a lovely trip, but now I gotta leave
to Tim an Kim an Dennis and Bloomington in bloom
to all my pals on Stateside, there’s really not the room
an I swear I’ll never travel, Long Haul again

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