Hier könnt Ihr eure eigenen Liedtexte veröffentlichen. Bitte denkt dran selbige Jugendfrei zu halten. Bitte bedenkt ebenfalls, dass eure Texte theoretisch jederzeit von jedem kopiert/geklaut werden können,

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Mr Earp ( United Staes Marshal )

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1Mr    Earp ( United  Staes   Marshal ) Empty Mr Earp ( United Staes Marshal ) on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:00 am

Mister EARP ( United Sates Marshall ) by Paul Kennelly 12th March 2010

Excuse me Mister Earp, but I’m tryin’ here to sleep

would you kindly take your Buntline an’ get on off the street

I need to get some shuteye ‘cos when my hand is greased

I’ll be makin wooden overcoats , for them that is deceased


Hey there dear old Wyatt, this ain’t no high “tie-raid “

I knows that all yer’ killin’ , brings me a lot of trade

without you and your brothers , the town would be a mess

so, finish off the bad guys and get it off yer chest

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