Hier könnt Ihr eure eigenen Liedtexte veröffentlichen. Bitte denkt dran selbige Jugendfrei zu halten. Bitte bedenkt ebenfalls, dass eure Texte theoretisch jederzeit von jedem kopiert/geklaut werden können,

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1RUGBY    WELSH      The  Bath  Song Empty RUGBY WELSH The Bath Song on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:51 am

RUGBY WELSH “ bath song “ written by Paul Kennelly

commissioned by Richard “ Dick “ Trunk , Rugby Welsh Rugby Football Club, Rugby , Warwickshire in 1975.

The song is to the tune “ messing about on the river “ and contains all of the team members names, at that time.

Oh often we sing of Fatty and Ming of Tiger ‘n Geoff and Teach Owen
of menacing Blake who all help to make, the ball reach the place that it’s goin’

the drinkers and skinkers , scrum cap and jock strap
the old Red and White and all of that crap
so give us a cheer for your favourite beer and keep the old Whitbread a ‘flowin

there’s Derry and Shirl, who isn’t a girl and Agga who’s agro is fright’nin
and Layer Bob Moore, Big Stanley and all
a Team that is just like greased ‘lightnin

as Snatchy Hatch passes to Pineapple Balls, you can hear the lads shouting their various calls

‘Oi Passer Jacko, won’t you please let go and help make the game more enlightnin’

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