Hier könnt Ihr eure eigenen Liedtexte veröffentlichen. Bitte denkt dran selbige Jugendfrei zu halten. Bitte bedenkt ebenfalls, dass eure Texte theoretisch jederzeit von jedem kopiert/geklaut werden können,

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1THE   SUMMER  of  '59 Empty THE SUMMER of '59 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:27 am

THE SUMMER OF ’59 by Paul Kennelly March 16th 2010

A Poem , of Childhood in Coventry

Over the fields , warm summer breeze , rolling through hedges , bruising our knees
up to the signal box on the branch line , this was our summer of ‘59

climbing the trees in Wainbody Wood , building our dens wherever we could

sometimes in rain , sometimes in shine , this was our summer of ‘59

a bus ride to town, at front on the top , demolishing buildings , watching them drop

hoardings and concrete , all looking fine , this was our summer of ‘59

a brave new city , raised from the ash , a modern Cathedral , so full of dash

while in the old spire , the bells still chime , this was our summer of ‘59

Paul and Brian , then there was John , David and Chris , both sadly , gone

now gently fading with passage of time , that was the summer in ‘59

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