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The Girlie in my Head

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1 The Girlie in my Head on Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:12 am

The Girlie in my head by Paul kennelly 19th July 2009


I see her, but can’t touch her, she’s never hard to find
this crazy little girlies’ a figment of my mind
but I love her ….. yes I love her
and I need her……. all the time

She comes to me at sundown and whispers in my head
she lingers and her fingers, nail me to the bed

and even when I’m sleeping, she comes into my dreams
her hips and rosy lips , there’s no place I’ve not been

at sunrise I may find her, staring down at me
I know she’ll win, that manic grin, I’m hers eternally

Oh, I’ve got a crazy woman, who lives inside my head
when I stop to eat my breakfast, her face is in my bread

in the re-fridg-e-rator, she lives inside my juice
an there’s no way that I know of, to cut this woman loose

I open up the wardrobe, and her head comes floating out
the neighbours think I’m crazy, it makes me scream and shout

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