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The Mermaid Song

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1The  Mermaid  Song Empty The Mermaid Song on Fri Sep 17, 2010 12:59 am

THE MERMAID SONG by Paul Kennelly 17th June 2010

Now , I’m a salty sea dog and I’ve sailed the seven seas
I’ve eaten south sea wart hog ‘an thars tattoos on my knees
I’ve seen the seven wonders , including those Man Made
but I’ve never seen a Lulu upon a sea Mermaid


Oh, Oh, it is a sight to see , a Mermaid with no Lulu
a Myfanwy you can’t see

Oh, Oh, it is a mystery , how Mermaids get their nuptials
while swimming in the sea

Once when I was a voyaging , within the China sea
a Mermaid I was voyeuring , through the porthole don’t you see
sat upon a porpoise , a combing of her hair
it got me fair excited , ‘an that I do declare

I swung down from the yard arm , I thought I’d try my luck
and asked the little darling , if I could have a look
she said you must be joking, that is my private part
my fishy bits are out of bounds, ‘an asked me to depart

with that I started sliding, from off that saintly chest
I slithered down her belly , pulling buttons off my vest
and then a huge Myfanwy , caught my roving eye ,
as her tail it flipped ‘an threw me, way up into the sky

and so to every sea dog , I have these words to say
be wary of them Mermaids and keep them well at bay
they sing a song so sweetly , ‘an that is very true
but they don’t have a Lulu , so they ‘aint no good to you

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