Hier könnt Ihr eure eigenen Liedtexte veröffentlichen. Bitte denkt dran selbige Jugendfrei zu halten. Bitte bedenkt ebenfalls, dass eure Texte theoretisch jederzeit von jedem kopiert/geklaut werden können,

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1KATRINA KATRINA Empty KATRINA KATRINA on Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:03 am

KATRINA by Paul Kennelly February 2010

There’s no messing with this lady , she rolled in from the East
and it is , just as maybe , on your body she may feast

you can’t escape her clutches , she will take away your breath
so , batten down the hatches for her kiss may bring you death

if the parishes are washed away, we’ll sit upon the roof
it’s lookin’ like it’s judgment day , ‘an that’s the honest truth

is it time to leave “ Big Easy “ , you know as New Orleans
the place of all our nightmares, the home of all our dreams

why do we deserve this, above the wind we cry
can’t hold back the tears, but we sure are gonna try


Katrina and her waves , she’ll put us in our graves

we try to run in vain , from that deadly hurricane

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