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NORDIC ZAGA " Midnight Sun "

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1NORDIC    ZAGA                        " Midnight    Sun  " Empty NORDIC ZAGA " Midnight Sun " on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:55 am

Midnight Sun by Paul Kennelly June 2008

by night, I know my way, by night I feel the air
the wind upon my face and blowing through my hair

midnight sun you lead me on a dance, midnight sun is playing with my mind
midnight sun I’m spinning in a trance, taking me to places so divine

shadow figures follow me around, I need the sun to light my way ahead
by night the darkness kind of brings me down, with eyes that watch me, burning ever red

by night I sail the seas, by night I feel the spray
the chill upon the breeze, the frost upon my face

by night it is like day, by night my work is done
to sail the silver seas, thanks to the midnight sun

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