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Homewood Hickory Horrors

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1Homewood    Hickory   Horrors Empty Homewood Hickory Horrors on Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:19 am

HOMEWOOD HICKORY HORRORS by Paul Kennelly March 13 th 2010

They took me down to Lions Park , an hour before tea
then took away my spectacles and nailed me to a tree

they climbed up in the branches and then they took a pee
that’s when the Hickory Horrors , urinated upon on me


Now Homewood is my Hometown , that I dearly love
but kids just won’t leave me alone , my Lord , Oh Heavens above

just because I’m short and fat , longsighted and I smell
them doggone Hickory Horrors , well, they make my life a hell

last night I was a walkin’ out with my favourite stick
them Hickory Boys came swaggerin’ up and offered me a kick

they kicked me here , they kicked me there into the Veterans Park they didn’t finish kicking till it was way after dark

just because I’m crossey eyed ‘an have longated knee
I didn’t think it reason to nail me to a tree

put jello in ma sneekers an’ dog dirt in my nose
glue my lips together an’ take away my clothes

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